Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nexus One made by Blogosphere

If you look at the Nexus One from a rational standpoint, Google probably never really had plans to release this phone.
When you have as much rumor to reality as created by the Internet fervor about this phone, Google wound up with only one choice...release this phone.

Their stock price the day before release was up by over $6.00

How could they not deliver?

I, for one, am disappointed. Not in the phone, but in the extreme lack of anything pertaining to a shakeup of the wireless industry.
We're still over a barrel and the wireless carriers are doing the driving.

please raise my rates...I already can't afford a service plan with no data or SMS.

T-Mobile's "Family Plan" covers two lines of service. a "Couple" is defined as a "Family".


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